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She Dreams

MIA has hopes of becoming an actress but starts having a series of paranoia nightmares that her landlady is letting men into her room at night, believing that the lure of acting in London was just a ruse, and men are physically taking out her organs.

Festivals / Awards

Winner Indie Cyprus Short Film Festival 2019

Finalist The Lift-Off Sessions 2019

BFI Scene 2018

Global University Film Awards (Hong Kong) 2018

UKCineFest 2018 The Short Film Show 2018

Inshort Film Festival 2019 First-Time Filmmaker Sessions 2019

Cleveland Concoction 2019

Nile’s Diaspora International film Festival 2018

Hothouse Theatre's Nottz Film Festival 2018

Beer Town Film Festival 2018

Fake Flesh Film Fest 2017


Crew / Cast

Produced by Xanvier Allison

Directed by Joseph Daly

Starring Octavia Gilmore, Geoffrey Wolfe, Sylvia Clegg,

Lucien Morgan, Synita Morgan-Gayle, Will Anderson, Christopher Sherwood

Cinematography Ernest Tu

Music by Jack Green

Edited by Ben Mickshik

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